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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

the 707 EMG's with the wood type for this guitar is a perfect match in my opinion ... And if you want even a better sound from this hellraiser just simply do a 18 volt mod .. real simple and cost under five bucks .But having it done really opens the book on this beast.. the styles I play mostly but not limited to are thrash metal,nu metal ,grunge, blues and certain types of country . this guitar can really cover it all and sound's great doing so .. With the coil tapping you get with the 2008 models you feel as if you struck gold ... I can go from playing korn to pink floyd and even sound like Brad Paisley ...And I'm not kidding ....bass is nice and clear and the brights aren't to bright .. both strumming cords and single notes sound perfect ... the sustain is great and having a set neck and a dual action truss rod really helps accomplishing that ..


from the point you pick it up , you know your holding something solid .. I detune all the time and the tuners work great showing no signs of giving me problems in the future . there's no scratchy sounds from the knobs and selector switch feels very strong .

General Comments

I have been playing for two years .. I know that's not very long but in that time i have gone threw a great deal of guitar in hopes I would find one that suites all my needs and feel comfortable ..and this Hellraiser does that for me..

if I lost it "which will never happen" or if my daughter did a unrepairable job to it"very possible shes three years old and loves playing with my guitars "I would definitely save the cash and replace it with the same ...

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