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rob dcrp

Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

My set up: G&L Legacy tribute - wired "Lifeson Style" s/s/h Duncan p/u's - hardtail w/ locking tuners : PRS SE h/h floating trem (blocked)locking tuners Duncan p/u's : Jackson Soloist w/ Chandler Floyd Rose - h/s/h Duncan p/u : 80's mim built 60's repro Stratocaster (refinished / bare wood / walnut stain) wired "Lifeson Style" h/s/h Duncan p/u locking tuners : Saga Strat s/s/s Torres SRV set - standard strat trem unblocked >>>> Morley Bad Horsey II >>>> Boss Volume Pedal >>>> Sabine 1601 Tuner>>>>Rocktron (Chameleon/ Voodu Valve/ Progap) >>>>TubeWorks MosValve 90x2/ Tech21 powercube 60 (head only - rackmounted) >>>> Custom Built oversize 2x12 vert cab. >>>> Behringer 1010 controller/ Roland Momentary for Tap Delay. I played in cover bands for 18 years before embarking on a solo career - www.soundclick.com/digitalchemistry - so the flexibility inherent in the Chameleon was a huge plus - so many sounds, so little noise... But as I started in on my quest for "real" tone, a few drawbacks became apparent... the original Chameleon, as good as it is, is digital... it has great converters (48 bit), but the digital "aliasing" was extremely noticeable in the mid range of drive levels, and the HUSH was eating up my tone on any notes that tailed off. So in the quest for tone, I started looking for tube amps that wouldn't break the bank... NOT POSSIBLE...anything under 900 US is trash, and the good stuff...Engle, Egnater, Boogie, DR Z, THD, Budda...you get the point...are terribly expensive + I'd have to buy a G-Major (or similar) to get transparent efx... ahhhhh EVENTIDE.... Sooooo...back to the Drawing Board.... While pawnshopping (never know what you'll find), I spotted this unit - paid 300 us, and it's in brand new shape, not even rackmounted - I wonder where it came from ;-) no pwr supply with it.... Had to buy, Rocktron is a hell of a great company: My Chameleon died once, they turned it around in 1 day, fully repaired, and upgraded (but this was before GHS :( ...and I'm 3k miles away). Well, got it home, and bread-boarded it in...worked fine...started looking at the presets (I'd tried a few presets before - the Chameleon will accept Voodu presets), found a clean sound I liked, and started editing...after turning the Hush almost all the way off, tweaking the preamp settings, I think I found nirvana!!!! No "real" noise (tube amps hiss/ hum also), good dynamics throughout the guitars' range of volume, no noticeable digital "glitching"/ aliasing, a good firm bottom, transparent highs...excellent...now of course, a great tube amp will do that kind of tone without trying, but... the Voodu will do comparable tones 256 times... + effects that are as good as Motorola processors will give you...they're not as good as my VST plugins, but my DAW kicks butt on everything but a H5000...and how much is that? No takers? Presets...Artist presets are usually overwrought with fluff, too much effects mix, usually too much gain, etc...But, transforming these "templates" into usable sounds is so easy, "even a caveman can do it"...as it's been said, somebody finally gave Rocktron it's props on the fact that their effects are dual voice (essentially like having 2 of everything-- into separate amps), and as clean as guitar effects go without breaking the bank + FULL MIDI IMPLEMENTATION thru' 16 channels of midi - morphing, switching, anything...


I did 17 years of covers (figure 30 weekends a year - 5 hours a night + practice and rehearsals) with the Chameleon as my only preamp - no backup --- rock solid - do that with a Marshall!

General Comments

I am as diverse in my music as the Voodu Valve is...but modern bluesy rock tones are my forte' - Scott Henderson's wail, Eric Johnson's clean, Larry Carlton's smoothness, Satch's scream, and Vai... it's all there.

If stolen...I'd get another...I upload the presets to my pc as backup.

The only thing I wish it had was spillover...


in closing ..BUY ONE...quit whining and bite the bullet, beats the crap out of a transistor Marshall, or overpriced Mesa.


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