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Sound Quality

Weird, I would say Sonic-Youthy sounding even though neither Thurston or Lee uses one but this is definately for those who like spacey sounds. This with an MXR Blue Box is just a badass combination. The damned oscillator tone for the ring mod is kinda a pain but sometimes I never notice it. What I run is (depending on how much shit I want inline): guitar(Yamaha Pacifica Lefty or Univox Hi Flyer righty turned Lefty)-crybaby wah-Proco Rat-Boss DS-1-Small Clone Chorus-Old Pearl Flanger-MXR Blue Box-DOD Gonkulator. Any of these going into the Gonkulator is cool, all of them at once is fucking crazy!


Nice metal case, knobs and pots feel pretty strong. I really don't like the stomp switch though.....

General Comments

This thing is cool. If I had all the other shit I wanted it would make a nice round out to my package. If it were stolen, I would be pretty pissed and would rape with a blowtorch the person who took it. I supposedly got mine cheap off of eBay. But, DOD NEEDS TO STOP WITH THE STUPID NAMES OF THE CONTROLS!!!!! That has to be one of the dumbest gimicks I have ever seen. Mainly I play Nirvana and stuff like that but love to make strange sounds. This pedal is a must for strange noise (that and an MXR Blue Box).

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