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Sound Quality

I use a make shift setup of a Fender Mexi Strat, Crate Gx-15(the little teeny practice amp) with the speaker output of the crate going to a Peavey Black-Widow 15inch speaker housed in a garage sell tweed open back cabinet. The unit is very quiet if I give it a good signal. Of course with the single coil pickups, it can get noisy. My impression of the effects is that they are all awesome. The approach Korg takes is to model vintage stomp boxes and amps. So the parameters that you can modify for the effect match the knobs on the unit they are modeling. If the original stomp box was very configurable, the patch is very configurable, otherwize not. This is an awesome approach and the sounds are quite accurate. The thing will emulate virtually any style of music from rock to jazz, to the Hendrix wah sound, the Fripp ultra distortion and ultra sustain, and of course the grunge sound. All the effects are great. The only thing that is lacking is the cabinet models. The should have had a few more parameters to allow for different sounds. The only complaint/wish I have is that you could have more concurrent effects. The unit says 8 concurrent effects, but it really boils down to 5 effects blocks. One thing that you cant do that I wanted to try was compression and distortion. Compression and distortion are both part of the Drive-Amp effects block and only one effect can be selected from each block. (The only exception is effects that are combo-effects like Echo+Hall)


With its metal case, it seems solid as a rock. I have no backup, but have not gigged with it yet.

General Comments

I am very pleased with the purchase of this unit. I did a ton of research (The Harmony Central) before purchasing and within the price range, nothing can touch the sounds this thing puts out. It also stands out above the rest, because of its ease of programming. The only draw backs are lack of concurrent effects (5 concurrent) and no patch down pedal (What a pain in the a@!)

I love music and play all styles. With the versatility of the unit it is perfect for me. I have been playing Keyboards and drums for 15 years, guitar for 3 months. The other effects I own are the Ibanez Metal Screamer, Alesis Midiverb, and Digitech RDS3.6 Delay. If this thing was lost I would probably buy another of these. I did extensive research including looking at Zoom 505,Zoom GFX-707, Korg AX1g,Boss Me-8, Boss ME-30, Digitech RP3, and RP7. This thing beat out all these other effects pedal for a number of reasons. The low end pedals I mentioned are all made of plastic and have cryptic programming interfaces with cheazy sounds. The ME-8 and 30 are also plastic and it is reported that the sounds of the AX1000G are far superior. The Rp-3 and 7 are comparable to the Ax1000g in durability but programmability and sound quality is better on the ax. In addition the patch names on RP's is a number with no text name.


This unit is not only good to play thru an amp, but I have also played it direct in my recording studio and it sounded great.


Check out my web site for patches on the Ax1000g


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