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Sound Quality

I play straight up street punk, and with a bit of adjustment between the pickups, this baby can put out some awesome tones. I find it can provide the perfect tone for slapping as well, with the correct adjustment. Im using a peavey basic 112 amp and no effects with it. Ive never had any problems with it being noisy yet, and it has been gigged. Theres a pretty good range of sounds from both P and J-basses in there, with a lot of low end available.


The bass has withstood my constant pounding for two years now. The hardware is lasting pretty well but the strap pins could do with being replaced. The finish is still in a pretty much pristine condition. Ive never had a problem depending on it live and have never needed a backup


General Comments

Ive been playing about 4 years now and only use a peavey basic 112 amp. If the bass were stolen/irrepairably broken i would most likely replace it with a 5-string version. After comparing several basses in the price bracket, i chose this one because it had a nice punch to it and was the best J/P hybrid ive tryed.

Reviewer's Background

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