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Sound Quality

First of all my set up. I mostly play live on several stratocasters (Fender and "homemade" strats - all with "texas specials"), but I also own a quite good Fender Telecaster, and a Les Paul (for studio applications) So: guitar > wireless > JVM 410H preamp > (loop) Korg tuner > Lexicon MPX 100 (mod fx) > Boss ME 50 (wah - volume - mod fx) > TC G-sharp (delays) > JVM 410H power stage (reverb) > 4 x 12 Peavey loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 The clean channel is veeeeeery clean (green)! Waaaaah ! Real "Fender" sound (I've got a '64 Tremolux - same global characteristics). The "orange" and "red" mode could sound "clean" too, but with more mediums and crunch. This amp is reallly one of the cleanest I've played. I've had a DSL 401, then a TSL 601... And there's nothing to compare. JVM 410H could be a really clean amp, with a punchy, "explosive", sparkling clean sound... Hit the Strat with a "7th bare chord" around case 5 ou 7... "Djiiiinnnnnnng"... So good ! Crunch channel is usefull in "green" or "orange" to get several kind of crunch. Please remember that your guitar as a volume pot ! (I put the gain on 10, and get everything in between with the guitar volume pot) You could get everything for decent "Mashall clean" to a muddy crunch... The "red" channel is the same that the "green" OD 1 but with some subbtle differences, maybe. I play OD 1 in "green" position only (gain: 10). This drive level is enough for me (I play everything that rocks, from blues to "post-grunge"... ). Imagine what I could do with the "orange" or "red" levels... OD 2 is voiced like some MESA amps (medium centered to 500 Hz instead of 650 Hz for a more "Marshall" sound). This makes the difference, but I don't like these "chain saw" sounds, so I've voiced it to set to my Telecaster, and I control the gain with the volume pot ("green" mode - gain set to 10) Presence and resonnance pots are very effective, as for the preamp pots of every channel. A small move of medium, for example, really changes the sound. (Just like on my Fender Tremolux... my Marshall TSL 601 or my Peavey Classic 30 are NOT so effective !!! what a difference...) This amp preserves the harmonics, the sound and "color" of your guitar and you can still hear every string of a chord, even with OD. More: I also plug an acoustic guitar (Yamaha APX 7) in the front input of my Korg racktuner, bypassing, in fact, the preamp section of the amp. The sound is very good, very natural at low or middle volumes (just take care of feedback !). I control the overall volume, and the sound, with the preamp section of the acoustic guitar.


After 18 mounth, it's my... second footswitch ! Customer support is SLOW. So I've bought a 3th as an emergency replacement part ! The first broke on stage... ooops !

General Comments

I bought my first guitar 28 years ago. I've played on many amps, I still have 5 amps at home, playing them alternatively. Sound is a matter of taste. But I've understood 2 or 3 things about guitar playing.

First: "your" sound comes from your fingers, at 80 percents maybe ! The amp is a part of your sound, but not the main part ! Of course, you'll tell me about guitars, pickups, amps, speakers, cables and so on... Yes, but, for example, a guy like Jeff Beck always sounds like Jeff Beck, whatever he plays on ! "Your" sound is in your fingers !

Second: every guitar fits to "it's" amp. Just try to find the exact combination. For example, my Les Paul sounds the best on my Tremolux '64, my Telecaster seems have been "made for" my Peavey Classic 30. I've got a "Classic '60 Strat", always at it's best with my TSL 601. Why ? I don't know... But it's a fact !


The JVM 410H is a very goog amp. Loud, versatile, with good low end, wonderfull clean sound, low price, easy to use, etc... It fits well with a lot of (my) guitars, it's reliable. Sounds like a Marshall, old or new, yes, but it could also sound like a Fender or a MESA...

It's definitely my best amp, I like it and I'll replace it immediatly if it was stolen. I've found, with this amp, what I was looking for since a lot of years ! Just try it...

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