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Sound Quality

electric pianos are great, pianos with a little bit of tweaking are dead on. I try to get a great mono sound tru a JBL g2 15. Almost every synth sampler sounds great in stereo. I have worked out my sounds to cut and deliver solo piano, country and with a 18 piece big band I play with on a regular basis. The board probably sounds great with techno and dance music I can hear all of that junk in there but I have no clue with that stuff.


Like a rock so far so good.

General Comments

I wish it had a color screen sometimes due to the angle of the screen a little tough to see. Before this I had a xp-50, Korg m-50

juno106 dx7 and korg ds8. I have been playing for 20 years pro

events with blues, rock, country and jazz. I do graduation for a college in my hometown in front of a couple thousand people. This keyboards does and becomes whatever I ask it to do. Very versatile from jazz trio to a full blown orchestra. I don't trade that often. If you really dig into a keyboard you would be suprised at how much stuff you will never know it can do.

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