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Sound Quality

Currently I am using my EBMM Axis super sport indian rose wood top and neck with two Dimarzio P/U's and five way switch and the head is going to a 1X12 closed back 80Watt Marshall cab. I haven't hooked my pedal board up to it yet but I'm sure it will take it as well as my 72 Fender Bassman 50 head does. So far the amp just by its self sounds great. Very impressive. At first with the volume knob around 9 O'clock it was clean as a whistle. 12 O'clock just a hint of breakup and only if you hit the strings hard. At about 1-2 O'clock is where the dirt starts to come in and it's a nice old school dirt. I cranked it wide open and man it really has a nice vibe to it. I like how easy it is to control this thing with your guitar volume knob. The amp will clean up nicely when you roll the volume knob down and then back up for some nice lead work. For a one channel one knob amp I must say they designed this thing well. If you need EQ then I suppose you could put one in front of it but honestly it is voiced very well. Also as others have said "Very Quiet Operation" even cranked wide open. I always try to give credit where credit is do, and this thing deserves some nice credit for sure.


Haven't had it long enough to tell. But it seems to be built well and Sweetwater backs everything they sell. So no worries so far...

General Comments

I've been playing for 20+ years on & off but more on as of late. My guitars are the EBMM Axis, home made Strat with EMG's, & a early 70's Fernandez Tele. The 72 Fender Bassman 50 & 1X12 Marshall Cab and this great new little toy. My pedal board is chained as follows: Boss TU-2 Tunner, Barber Tone Press, HomeBrew Power Screamer, Boss DS-1 with Keeley Ultra mod, Boss 7-Band EQ, Ibenez Digital Delay, Boss CE-5 Chorus, ISP Decimator into a Whirlwind AB-Y active spliter.


I play mostly Rock, Blues, Cristian Contemporary, and dabble in Funk & Jazz. Yep, if it were stolen I would most deffinetly pick up another or two. At this price point you cannot beat it hands down!!! Like another reviewer said, for the price of a pedal you can pick up one of these. Well said & Very true. Try one out and you will see and hear for youself. If you know what good tone sounds like then you should be impressed by this little "5" Watt gem...

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