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D. Calabrese

Floyd Rose Discovery Series DST-1 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Acoustically it sounds good for a $399.99 guitar. Pluged in it really has that "STRAT" sound to it but a little to bright for my tastes and of course you will hear that typical single coil Hum and noise which is annoying but P/U's can be changed so no super big deal here. Overall it sounds rather good dispite the brightness and noise. I will be putting in a set of EMG SA's which I'm sure will do wonders for it. For the money the sound is not bad at all.


Well, now that this guitar has been "Set-up" properly and the speeloader system works the way it is suppose to, I think it will last through Gigs, practice, and church services. The speedloader system is the exact same as on their higher end guitars so there shouldn't be any issues with reliabilty with this. The finish was good and the paint seems to be thick enough to handle minor bumps ETC.. The Strap buttons are huge and I could hardly get my strap over them so I do not think Strap locks would neeed to be put on but I just might later on. I know I can depend on this guitar now that my Tech has gone over it. I never go to a Gig with one guitar or extra strings. You just never know what might happen...

General Comments

I have been playing for about 15 years or so. I play Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Christian Rock. I have a home made "Strat" style guitar which my guitar tech and I but together with EMG 81/85 set up, and Ibanez Artist, MIJ Fat Strat, & an old BC Rich Warlock. My pedal board is as follows: Boss TU-2 tunner, Barber Tone Press, Home Brew Power Screamer, Boss DS-1 with the Ultra Keely Mod (A must for this pedal), an old Ibanez sound tank Delay (Cheap but a great sounding Digital Delay), Boss CE-5 Chorus, this all runs into a whirlwind active AB-Y box which splits to both channels on my late 60's early 70's Fender Bassman 50 head into a 1 X 12 80W Marshall cabinet. This is a great set-up so far and this guitar sounds pretty good through it but I know it will sound better once the EMG's go in it. If you are looking for a versitile guitar with an incrediable Whammy Bar then look no futher. Despite the "Set-up" issues, for the money you are getting "good value" and something different. But once you get it set up correctly and maybe change the P/U's you'll have a great guitar for much less than the USA models...

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