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Sound Quality

I run this head through 1 x 12 cabs in my studio.  I don't play out, but other reviews said the head can drive a 4 x 12 cab and I agree because its got plenty of power and can get quite loud.

The Clean channel has a nice fullness and single coils sound twangy enough for country or anything else.  Because there is a Gain control, you can overdrive the channel to get a nice AC/DC crunch.

With the Gain down and Vol up - the tones are clean but will start to break up as it gets real loud.

The Disortion channel sounds as close to an all tube amp as I've heard and as stated in other reviews.   Plenty of Gain which I have to back off to 7 when cranking (I usually set the gain all the way up to 11 (10) on my other Marshalls).  It can get real loud - enough for jamming and small stages.  Tones are classic Marshall - rich sustain, great overtones, and little noise.  Ouststanding!

I love the sound, feel, and response of Marshall amps - something heard to descirbe, but inpiring to play better.


Tough to say - these are used and I believe amp heads last longer than combos because they are not subjected to the internal vibrations from the amp / speaker cabinet which can loosen parts on the circuit boards.  The cab is well built and big enough the protect the amp.

General Comments

I own 3 other Marshall VS series:  a VS65R combo which is an early attempt to drive both channels with one preamp tube - sounds are sweet although I had to switch out the stock Goldback speaker with an Eminence to add more crunch.

A VS100 head with one preamp tube driving the distortion channel - monster tones with 3 channels and the famous 'Power Dimension" button emulating a stack for playing at lower volumes - awesome!

VS 2000  20 watt head - chopped from the combo - with a preamp tube driving the distortion channel yielding great midrange tones and plenty Loud.

And now this 2000  AVT50  (Advanced Valvestate Technology).  Marshall started this VS stuff in late '90's and stopped in early 2000's.  My head was made in 2002 and you can hear the culmination of years of refining the design.  Only to stop making them!  Who knows why?   This 50AVT head is the best sounding hybrid, period (Second, I would say the AVT150).  Used prices in good condition run between $200 - $300.  Get one now!

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