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Marshall Marshall VS65R 1 x 12 combo

Sound Quality

Great tones BUT you have to switch out the stock Marshall speaker.  It does not fit the design of the amp.  It's too bright with little button end.  Feedback is squealy and high pitch and annoying. I put in an Eminence 8 ohm with great bottom end.  The amp came alive with some nice palm muting crunch, better bottom end, and all around even tones.  And, feedback was thick with nice overtones!   Stick with any 8 ohm speaker, I tried a 4 ohm and the amp started crapping out.

I must state that I play humbucker guitars (BC Rich, ESP, LP) but Strats (single coils) sound great in both channels, also.

The CLEAN channel on this amp is gorgeous - loud, full, and crystal clear.  One the best clean channels I've heard on the VS series which are usually a bit weak.  The OVERDRIVE is where it gets tricky.  The Volume control is misleading as you have to turn it up quite a bit to get a full sound.  MY settings:  I always turn the Gain to max.  Bass: max   Contour: about 9 oclock  Treble: about 10 oclock   Volume:  12 - 1 oclock (past halfway).  The amp gets really loud and you can get great sustain and tones with hardly any noise!    Lower volume settings will sound fine for quiet practice, but no fullness.  This amp is for recording and practicing and maybe some light jamming.  If you're playing on stage, you'd be using bigger amps with more power anyway.


Other reviews have been conflicting.  I take could care of my equipment and so this amp is still kicking.  Other say the power switch breaks - be gentle turning these things on and off!  And, plastic jacks are standard as the amp chassis is used as a ground - so they don't use metal jacks. I guess you have to get lucky and have one that was made right in the factory.

General Comments

If you get one that's in decent shape, you'll love it - classic Marshall tones and the preamp tube does a lot for tone and harmonics.  BUT, change the stock  speaker!!!    It not like an all tube amp, and can sound a bit solid state, but wonderful tones and not for LOUD band stuff.  The amp is quite portable with the cabinet being small, so the sound is tight.  Best for recording - great tones at decent volumes.  And, the most important is the FEEL of this amp - it's dynamics and reponse to my touch on the guitar!

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