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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Good overdrive and pure tones, but sounds flat and no edge. Tested through many cabs and the Epi Extension with single coil and humbuckers. Sounds like old crappy 70's amps.


Too simple to break?

General Comments

Here's the deal: I believe the amp manufacturers are taking advantage of the current 'tube' craze. Just because an amp has tubes doesn't always mean it may sound good. I owned a Crate V-33 tube head for about 3 days and realized my solid state Crate heads blew the tube crap away! Alot of the solid state amps these days have modeling circuitry built it (sometimes unknown, sometimes stated) to emulate tube amps. The only good sounding tubes amps are the higher price ones from about $300 up. The best sounding ones run about $1,000 or more. but, you knew that. I've gotten the best tones out of the Marshall Valvestates and some outstanding Crates. Great distortions, good sustain, and 'feel'. Now, if you prefer, a little break up in an amp, than these 5 - 15 watt amps are fine. And, if want more distortion out of these things - use your pedals. If you looking for balls out distortion and thumping low end, for the same amount of money, try the newer or used (1990's up) models of any known amp maker. I hope this reviewed saved someone some time and money. Also, check out Ebay and see how many these Epi heads are showing up because of lack of punch, tones, and features. Even the newer models with reverb hasn't helped.

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