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Sound Quality

The clean channel breaks up very easily with not much gain at all, but the break up sounds natural and pleasing. The gain channel has loads of distortion and can get very loud. With extreme gain, you get alot of noise, so I find it's better to keep the gain about half way especially playing loud. Good metal crunch - more of a midrange than a real tight low bottom end. The effects sound digital, but you have some control over the speed of each one via the rotary knob.


Seems well built with nice cab, but the head is very sensitive to electrical hum and fields, it must be kept away from them - thus the big cabinet design around the transformer which works quite well. The only time I heard ground hum was when I tried to install LEDs in the head which I had to remove. The cab is basically empty except the control chassis. It would be cool if Madison put factory LEDs in this head like the 100 watt versions.

General Comments

This head will surely drive a stack or 4x4 cabinet which I do NOT own. I tested the head thru several 8 ohm 12" speaker cabs and it sounded fine. I bought a 4 ohm 12" Celestion G 12L speaker and installed it in a nice cab and the head sounded great. Not much warm tones, but great metal tones right in the midrange. This head was design for metal (as all Madison amps) and delivers on that. Plenty of insane distortion and nice sustain and harmonics. For the money, I think these are good deals - I paid $190 with shipping in new condition with included footswitch (a plus for Madison). The footswitch controls channel and effects.

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