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Sound Quality

Depends on what cabs it's driving.  I'm a recording artist and don't play out, but I'm sure this head can drive any 4 x 4 cab.  I run it through the Epiphone Valve Jr. cab with 12" Eminence 16 Ohm Lady Luck speaker.  Great power and warm bass (like a tube amp) out of this head.  I can get any tone I need by tweaking the buttons and controls which are VERY responsive.  The distortion is articulate with a nice sustain - just enough.  You won't get over satuated insane distortions out of this head which I believe only sound like mush at louder volumes.  Too much and there's more feedback anyway. I love getting the crushing thump of metal tones which shakes my studio! The effects are nice with the reverbs being quite accurate.  The chorus and flanger are cool.  The effects are set up in general parameters with only the amount being controllable.  Works great!


Built like a tank and is heavy to lug around.  Solid state with a very well constructed cab head.  The biggest head I've ever seem!

General Comments

This is a great amp for the budget concious.  It's big, it's bad, and has balls.  Not only suited for heavy metal crunch, but other styles of music also.  It's nice to have a powerful amp to run single coil guitars (Strats) through and have plenty of volume.  There's no hum in the amp itself and the only noise is on the distortion channel with the gain full up - normal.  My only gripe is the shiny control knobs which I swiped out for black knobs with a white marker to see the settings.  Set of knobs might run about $20 and keep the stock ones in case you decide to sell.

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