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Sound Quality

They are so many Crate amps (I think they produce the most models) it's hard to find a cool sounding and looking one. Looks are important to me, but it has to sound good also. This head could easily drive a 4x 12 stack and anything else. Loud as heck. I use it for recording through the Epiphone Valve Jr speaker cab with one 12 inch Eminence Lady Luck 16 ohm speaker (great sounding speaker). All the sounds are there: clean and loud, crunchy full rhythm, and soring solo with insane gain -really - I had to back it off half way! It's not a tube, but for solid state. it's quite good. The spring reverb is quite decent also.


My was a factory refurbished (I don't know what they fixed)but it's been playing great with no problems. I must point out that the backlit orange LEDs look cool as hell, although one strip with only 3 LEDs was dead. The other strip with 6 LEDS works great. Access to these lights is impossible as they are enclosed under the circuit boards in the front panel. They LEDs shine through prefab holes. Since, the LEDs operate on the standard 12 volt circuit which is separate right off the transformer/ power supply, they don't affect the sound or operation of the amp. I added 3 more light strips which make the front glow really wild.

General Comments

These 3 channel heads by Crate are standard and offer great tones - I think that they vary the designs just enought to mess some models up - and make some models awesome. This head is awesome! I own 3 Marshalls, One B-52, two Fenders, one Laney, and a Rocktron. I also have the small GX 30 Crate combo with 12 inch speaker - and that sounds great.

This amp provides some tones the other heads don't and looks so neat. The sustain is amazing and it has a very tight modern distortion - think Randall/Dime.

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