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Sound Quality

Grreat sound. Bridge PUP has fat and cutting tones. Neck PUP has nice midrange tones. Quiet. Great sustain. Outstanding heavy metal guitar!


Very well built, although as a collector, I'm hesitant about taking it out of my studio. All guitars need to be played, but at gigs, it could get damaged. These guitars are limited runs and will increase in value. A good all around metal guitar. Not for jazz or country.

General Comments

This guitar is a keeper. I generally don't like pointed guitar shape bodies eg. Warlock and Beast. This one has standard S or BC Assasin body shape which I perfer. Great looking graphic. Great playing and sounding ax. These originally sold for about $200 or more. I got my as a close out for $99 (those days are gone). If you can nab one in mint condition for about $200 or less- that's a great deal. I've had this guitar for 4 years and sold many guitars out of my collection, yet this one still remains - good sign.

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