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Dean V Dave Mustaine United Abomination Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I highly recommend changing the stock strings to a new set - I put on D'Addarios .10 and it played, sounded, and intonated better. The PUPs are'nt super hot, but hot enough producing good tones. My guitar came factory wired ass- backwards, but was easy to fix with a couple of resolders. The volumes were reversed and the pots wired in reverse (output/input). Great metal tones and great playability. The fingerboard had a nice polish (not dry) and the frets all polished and perfect. No fretting out anyway including the bass strings up to 24 frets! That's with the action fast!


Very well built. Strap buttons adequate - might not even use Strap Locks. Guitar will rock live and in studio.

General Comments

Great guitar for the money. If you nab one of these around $200 - it's a great deal. I got mine for $160 - new, but slightly damaged - one of the tails was chipped - a common occurance for 'V's anyway.

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