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Sound Quality

The full size open back cab with the 12" Fender speaker adds great depth to the sound. I really don't hear any need to swap out the stock speaker, but it won't hurt if you do (keep the original speaker). The spring reverb is classic Fender. The clean channel has a nice Fender fullness while the distortion channel with two gain stages is AWESOME. This amp gets very loud on the initial volume settings: 3-5. After that, it gets louder, but not much - just they way the pots work. Sounds great low and loud.


Like I said, cold solder joints. I have a Mexican Fender Princeton Chorus and never had a problem with it 6 years.

General Comments

I own Marshalls, a Crate, B-52, Laney, and Rocktron. I have two Marshall VS -100 heads, so I'm very particular about distortion. The Fender Roc Pro 1000 can give you every distortion you'll ever need. Period. It'a shame they stop making these amps (also the Marshall VS 100 which are tone monsters), because that little preamp tube can do so much! I've also have gone through many, many amps to get where I'm happy with what I have. Been playing 35 years, so I'm no novice.

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