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Sound Quality

The spring reverb sounds very Fender like. The clean channel is very full (low, mid, high controls) and with the chorus sounds rich! The chorus (depth and rate controls) has a good sound which can make this amp also great for a jazz gig. The distortion sounds AWESOME and with a shape (contour) control (Gain and Level controls) and you can dial in anything from thick smooth sustain to ear bleeding treble. The distortion gain can really go insane, so at louder volumes, it's best to set it at half way to reduce noise/feedback (still get plenty of bite). This amp kicks ass and can get very loud -great for rehearsals and recording. I ran it through an external speaker cabinet with one 12" and it really opened up more tone with killer bottom end. The stock Crate cab is really built for convience although it is an open back and sounds quite good. The headphone out has a great sound - just like the cabinet!


Come on man, these amps have been around more than 10 years and when well taken off - they still sound better than any of the new crap out there in this price range!

General Comments

I'm old school and don't like amps with fancy effects or modeling - just great tone and reverb. I save the effects for foot pedals. I also prefer decent built in amp distortion which is hard to find in some amps (Marshall has it) with a nice clean channel. This model Crate has it and don't really like most of Crate's other amps.

It's a shame these amps are being blue booked in the market place at under $100 (good for the buyer). I went to sell mine because I needed some cash (I have a ton of amps including Marshalls, Fenders, B-52, Laney, and Roctron)at the local music store and they were offering me $50. I decided to keep mine after testing it to sell on Ebay and realized that these amps are fantastic and should be selling for 3x as much in a decent market. These amps, in good condition, out sound and blow away all the newer cheaper name, including Crate Flexwave (had one - sent it back) amps right now. If you can find a clean one around for $100, get it -you'll love. These amps are tone monsters and with a built in chorus!

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