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Rocktron V80R Vendetta 80w 1x12 Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Clean is full with a warm bottom end. Distortion has an 'eq' type quality - like a midrange honk. (The other review described a 'wah' type quality which is close). Can't seem to get rid of that honk - is this a bad thing. Depends. You won't get any famous tones out of this thing, but the distortion does have a kind of modern edgy sound. The distortion also has a solid gut reaching thump which is great for metal. The rear trim adjustments can help alot for tweaking response. And yes, the gain knob has little effect at lower volumes, but loud, the amp sounds better with the gain lower which reduces feedback. The scoop knob is waste because the amp already sounds a bit scooped. I 'contour' knob would have been better. Overall, I'd rate the distortion as modern (not warm or brittle).


I don't know how long I'll keep it - that's not a good sign. I tried a bunch of preamp tubes and to hear if the tones improved. I couldn't really tell all that much, so I settled with a Fender preamp tube.

General Comments

The footswitch (extra) was designed backwards. The left switch turned the reverb on/off. The right turned the distortion on/off with green LED when on. I was able to reverse the switches with the Left on/off with RED LED on with distortion (like the control panel), and the Right switch on/off with reverb (Green with reverb OFF - which is still not right, but I usually leave the reverb on anyway). Also, the reverb tank was rattling and I found one of the three springs broke which I simple removed and am using the other two springs which sounds better anyway. I got this amp new as a great deal and actually wired the back with a speaker input to use the cabinet as a speaker cab which sounds good. So much for the amp itself, which is a good haul around amp of maybe a backup. AND, it's overpriced, but the lighted logo looks cool.

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