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Sound Quality

A solid 10! Sound quality is awesome. Some of the presets are very, very good and if you don't like one - just edit it to your liking. Very easy to scroll through patches as one footswitch goes up while another footswitch moves down. The pedal works very well and Wah-wah tones are excellent! There's a small vented area on the back of the unit where the preamp tube is located which gets warm - this is good because the preamp tube is actually being effective. Built in tuner which is quite easy and accurate to use/read. Easy to bypass the unit by stepping on the footswitch with the current patch. Stepping on any other switch in bypass mode returns the unit to current patch. Built in NR helps to keep the tones quiet. Distortions are varied from thick/flangy/chorusy to thin and all between!


I got mine used in very good condition. It's 10 years old so I hope it lasts. Good quality parts such footswitches, etc. I do recommend a case to protect and carry. Rondo music has inexpensive pedal cases which fit nicely.

General Comments

Wow, this unit is like everything you need in one place. If you find a used one in good condition for about $100 or so, go for it. Considering newer units cost $300 (some without a tube) and a simple limited distortion box with a tube ($150 + ), these Digitechs are great deals. I'm not a fan of editing, per say, so I tend to use presets for the convienence. I use this in my studio, but if gigging out, it wouldn't take much to program. Also, the better amp head/cab - combo amp you have, the better the unit will sound. Using the unit direct/headphones is also a viable option.

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