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Sound Quality

Yes, the clean channel does sound Fender-like! Both overdrive channels offer enough tonal options and gain to get all kinds of tones, including Marshall. Very quiet. The reverb is electronic and sounds good - quite usable.


This is a BIG head. Built very well. Like a tank. Very well designed and it should out last me.

General Comments

Because this is a head, it's very crucial what it's played through. I run it through a Crate cab with one 12- inch 8 ohm Eminence Rock Driver speaker - a great sounding cab to begin with. The head is LOUD with plenty of head room (with an 8 Ohm speaker, you get about 60 or more watts). It's a very well designed layout with bass, mid, and high on Clean channel. Bass, mid, high on Overdrive channel 1 which links to Overdrive channel 2 which has a contour control. The amp does have TUBE like sounds and has a great thick midrange push. You can get all kinds of tones - very versatile. At loud volumes, the head cuts through like a knife without sounding harsh. Plenty of crunch in this thing! I don't use effects loops, so I can't comment on that. You have to take time to adjust the levels between channels on this thing - like most amps. I also own three Marshalls and a Fender amp, so I know my tones. The B-52 fits right in nicely offering plenty of power with tube like tones with a slightly different tonal palette, but good! Good looking amp (yes, that's important) and a Great amp for the money!

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