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Sound Quality

It is loud, but like the other reviews - not enough distortion. If you use a pedal in front, it sounds much better. The clean channel really doesn't have much of a sweetness via the preamp tube. I have a Marshall VS100 head with one preamp tube and it sounds sweet. Also, the speaker cabs will effect the tones, so keep that in mind. I'm using a single 12" Eminence Rock Driver in an open back cabinet.


It is a big head and built like a tank.

General Comments

I don't like the window on the front which shows the preamp tube with an orange light behind it. Preamp tubes don't glow like power tubes and this design always seems like a gimmick to me. Hartke should have put more overdrive distortion in one channel so you could hear the tube overtones. I sent my back and bought another used Marshall VS100 head from a friend.

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