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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

i play a Ibanez TC-620 talman with 2 p-90s through a fender 65w Princeton. WOW, originaly i used this through my amps dirty channel, because i thought i had too little gain. but i simply ditched the processor i was using and fiddled with my eq and now this little box is my only distortion, still not for playing metal. i have the knobs set at full, except for the volume knob. this is a fairily noisey box, butif you set the volume down around 1/4, you can solve that problem. i play hard rock/blues, with this pedal in a band, and i love the tone it gives to my p-90s. not fuzzy at all, I HATE FUZZY OVERDRIVE!! a very transparent effect, still captures all of my p-90 tone.


this thing is toughf. it's gotta be for my fat ass to be steping all over it. i would surely gig without a back up.

General Comments

man, it really is hard to find a good overdrive that matches your flavor, there a so many out there, but for this price range, this pedal may be the best for 40.00. there are much better overdrives than this, but not for less than 50.00.

truth be told, i gambled on this brand new prouduct because it stood out to me, i read lots of reviews and made a very good decision.

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