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Sound Quality

well... for the ones that say that the distortion sucks, you're very wrong (or lazy). I get a Metallica like sound (without a Mesa...) with an Ibanex EX seymour duncan hot rails and a 15 w Marshall !!! It sounds better in my 60 w Laney Hardcore Max, with more bass. I use de heavy sustain and ultraverb, play a little and you gonna gat the sound, but i think the key is on the Speaker Simulator... customize one, and put the middle sector almost down -10 , like that. And, then put the middles on your amp at max, or the drums will f*** your sound. hmmm, nothing more, i think.


I do now ! ... look, when the display gone mad, just hit it hard. that's my answer to the problem... i had it for one week without working, then i went really MAD and i hit the unit where the logo is. And it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, i think this is the solution

General Comments

i play heavy metal (www.zoomweb.cjb.net) in a band called Z.O.O.M. in argentina, and this unit is great, just search the sound. i play for two years, and i had a boss metal zone. screw it, the rp-1 distortion is much better.i will buy an wah, morley or dunlop. i love the delays and reverbs, you couldn't get a better delay for this price. i hate the delay between the patches.


nothing more, but i need help with the sysx thing, what's that??????????? and i need a web page with the patches

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