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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

the pick ups and selector switch are surprisingly reliable and effective, the different tones are very noticable when switching between pick ups and it creates many variations in sounds. when i play with it i use a boss turbo distortion and a zoom gfx5 guitar effects processor which work with it very effectively. the single maintains clarity when effects are added to it but when recording the input can often clip


it has taken quite a few knocks but is a fantastic guitar. i wud definietly use it for gigging when a strat is needed, despite its cheap price its produces a very clear sound and is very durable.


General Comments

i wud recommend investing in some horizon leads when u first buy this cos the one supplied is {censored} and is easily broken as the metal on the tips is easily scrathed. also the learnign books and video suplied are a load of {censored}, if u want to learn fastly order ultimate ear training for guitar and bass by gary willis and you can read music which explains all the basics and ensures that u become a viable musician rather then playing without theory which is not mentioned in the pack but still a veyr decent investment for a beginner

Reviewer's Background

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