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philip andersen

Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

i use this amp with a Gibson SG.. but mainly my ibanez JS-2000 split-coils) i play mainly hard rock like Van halen AC/DC and some Ozzy of course a bit of blues too personaly i think it's amazing for that. i sounds a lot like a plexi, just less treble and volume. of course i use pedals for distortion. my chain is. dunlop Cry baby, boss NS-2, Mxr ZW44, Xotic BB preamp, T-rex Michael Angelo distortion, Mxr EVH phaser, T-rex Replica delay. i would deffiniatly buy an attenuator, so you can crank it.. it seems to distort on very low settings on the low input(1-2) and around 4 on the high input. i usualy patches the 2 channels to create my sound. the key to my sound is loudness


no problems so far

General Comments

I love it, it's that simple, only thing to hate about it, is it's weight


if it was stolen, i would buy another,or maybe af 1959rr

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