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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

i bought it on the cheap; $75, mostly out of curiosity. I didn't even try it in the store. The only cab I have these days is a junker made out of what's left of a Fender Super Twin. The speakers had some boo-boos, which I patched up with some medical paper tape. Crappy! So I hooked up The Junior to The CrapoCab, fully prepared to be at best non-suicidal over my purchase. I hooked a Jackson PS7 (That's Chinese for "Piece O'*** Seven) that I've got some better pickups in (a Duncan bucker at the bridge). Anyway, I was assaulted by the most heavenly tone, old school, back in time to '69, when you had a guitar and a tube amp cranked and that was how you got your sound. Turn the volume to 12 o'clock and it starts to bite. Keep going and it just gets better.


Dunno. I think the question you have to ask is "Do you fully trust any piece of human-produced technology?" Personally, I don't. It seems solid enough, but I haven't really put it out there, so who knows? At these prices, I can own a half dozen.

General Comments

I like it. I like it a lot.

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