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PRS Dave Navarro Signature Model Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play a lot of rock/hardrock, some blues, some r&b, and some top 40 stuff. I can get any sound I want out of this guitar. I've played it through my orange rockerverb 50 head and cab and through a mesa dual recto and it sounds great through both. The bridge pickup is fairly bright sounding, but not thin, and cleans up really well when you roll back the volume. I don't even switch channels on my amp half the time now, I just roll back the volume for a cleaner sound. When split to single coil the bridge pickup sounds thinner but not a harsh sound. The neck pickup is very smooth and warm and when split sounds really funky and kinda woody. Playing through a high gain distortion channel on a tube amp, you can get almost any sound you want by switching pickups and adjusting the volume. Awesome.


This guitar seems really solid, I would not worry about using it live ever, although I always gig with a backup. The strap buttons on this thing are huge, you don't even need strap locks with this guitar unless you are one of those people who throws their guitars around their back all the time. I feel I can depend on it in a live situation without worrying.


General Comments

Overall this is an amazing guitar. If it was stolen or lost I would definitely buy it again. I wasn't too fancy about the dave navarro label on the truss rod cover so I just turned it around and the other side is plain wood just like any other prs. Now I just tell people I have a white custom 24. I wanted to buy this guitar for a while but it was $3100, so I held off, then one day I went in just before christmas when they had a massive sale and I got it for $2100, so I'm glad I waited.

Reviewer's Background

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