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Sound Quality

Setup: Danelectro DC-3 (And I like it) or a Lyon solid body through the ME-6 and into a Park 15" or a Carvin 25" (Tube/Solid Hybrid). The pedal is not as noisy as some I have owned. It depends a lot on how you have the ME-6 and your amp set up. The effects: According to the reviews I've read there is some controversy over the quality of the pedals. Let me clear things up a little bit. Going from left to right, ignoring the compressor, straight to the distortion. The Overdrive settings are, as many have said, weak. But overdrive isn't meant to be overpowering. If you play with the equalizer (which I will get to) you can get the overdriven sound you want. The other three distortion settings are much more gritty, but you can infinitely vary the sound how you want it by using the equalizer. The equalizer is a really handy dandy effect, and I never turn it off. It does what it does very well, and if used properly, will get the distortion to wherever you want it. If you still don't like the distortion I suggest you invest in a DOD Death Metal (FX-86/B) and forgo multi-effects altogether. The noise suppressor is just slightly too slow. Even at the highest threshhold it still subtly 'fades out' instead of cutting out altogether. The delay effect was also nicely done, it delays up to a full second and with a little tweaking can be infinitely looped. Very dada. The chorus/flanger effect just feels like one of Danelectro's assorted mini pedals - well enough. The reverb works like any reverb, but can be 'reverberated' very thickly, rediculously thickly even. One of the questions is 'can you get the sound of your favorite artist', and the answer is, yes, quite easily, as I am my favorite artist, and I sound damn good. I sound good with this pedal too. The best effect? The delay. The worst effect? The chorus/flanger (the chorus is to hard too deepen without making it sound bad and the flanger takes too much time to find a setting that dulls the swish but keeps the effect - much like Dano's mini flanger pedal). It gets an 8, losing two key points: Good sounding chorus/flanger, and average distortion (It can be above average if you play with the equalizer though).


I was wondering how it remember the settings after I pull the plug, so I took it apart looking for a battery (I bought it used so if it had a battery it would prolly need replacing). Though I never found a battery, I did notice that the breadboards were solidly mounted, and inside a similarly solid metal casing under the plastic outside. Looks can be decieving. I don't trust the plastic pedals, but if you're not an ass with your equipment I can't see why you would have a problem. I have gigged with it and it held up fine. My backup in case the ME-6 failed was a MetalZone. A seven because the soft rubber buttons have the potential to jam (They haven't and prolly won't unless I unintentionally step on them, which I might) and because there is plastic on it at all.

General Comments

I play noise/art rock. This pedal does not match my tastes and needs to a T, but it is very portable, and meets the medium requirements (more than the minimum requirements) to be a peice of my equipment.


If it were stolen or lost I'd be very pissed, because when I spend more than $50 on something used I'd expect to hold on to it. If I couldn't find another ME-6 that cost less than I spent on the first one, I would save up and get an ME-30... but only after I played with it first.


I love the headphone feature. I hate hitting the wrong button and inadvertantly editing a different effect than the one I had just been editing. I don't have a favorite feature, because all of the effects are well done. None stand out as spectacular, but they all work at LEAST averagely. Metalheads may want more 'stortion but really, you won't be able to use the other effects if you that distorted.


I wish it had a built in tuner, but if I understand correctly the ME-30 does. I compared the ME-6 to a $90 Zoom and a $230 Digitech. The Zoom was underwhelming and the Digitech was too pricy. The Boss matched the distortion well enough with the MetalZone to replace it and it cost about as much as the metalzone, but with five effects to boot.


All aside, the effects can't make your music better. That's up to a quality guitarist. If you use it right, and use the 'exotic' effects (Delay, Chorus, Flanger) correctly you can really impress people. abuse the effects, and you'll just annoy your audience (...particularly flanger).


Overall, I find it is a solid pedal in every aspect. It is not lacking in anything, but it could be better everything. For what I paid for it though, it's a 10, but in reality, it's a...

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