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Sound Quality

On its own not much lol. use any modeler amp and it works good. I used a POD xt w model packs. Those were still fizzy. Then I used my GNX4+Supermodels and the sound is amazing! My band rehearsal was awesome. Before this my band said my sound was good and they thought models were good. Then I took the Atomic/GNX4+models from MFX guys. It was easy to sound Marshal, Boogie, 5150, Soldano, Fender. Really a grail of tone!! IF you have a GNX4 you need the model-packs and an Atomic tube 112-50 amp!!!! Thanks to HC reviewers with the GNX4 to help me out !


too new. N.O. Only played two gigs but it did just fine! It RAWKED!


General Comments

Been jammin for 16 yrs. I have a Randall with an Orange cab. I had the Atomic 18 w but it was weak with a loud band. NOT ANY MORE! I love my Rig! The new Atomic is pretty poundful so work-out!

Reviewer's Background

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