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Sound Quality

I use a gibson les paul special with humbuckers with a couple of other effects and an epiphone galaxie 10 tube amp. my chain is Les Paul > Crybaby > FX25b (sometimes) > Boss DD-3 > Amp. Usually this pedal doesn't make the chain for a reason. This guitar is too over the top to be on all the time, unfortunately, when it's engaged there's a really signifigant volume drop, which is annoying because usually you're rockin and then want to add in a funky solo and bam! you can't hear it. When I do use it I can't pick too soft or I get a really muted sound. If I pick too fast the notes get garbled at the end unless i mute the guitar briefly to let the pedal start over, so it really limits you in the phrases. But it's not all bad, the guitar can get a pretty good "down with disease" by Phish, an okay "estimated prophet" by the dead, and can sorta get a "shakedown street," but it sounds very thin. If you're playing "chameleon" by Herbie Hancock, this pedal is AWESOME. It really nails a good synthish sound for that. This pedal is really kind of a special occassion thing for me, when I'm really in the mood. I definitley wouldn't use it all the time.


It doesn't look like it's going to break anytime soon. It's a metal case, but the switch is cheap plastic. I thought the switch was going to be different from the look of it in the catalog. I thought it would be more like a boss style switch, but it's like a button in a sea of metal. The battery plate is cheap plastic as well and looks like it could break off. The battery connector has an excess amount of wire, but now i'm just getting picky. It should last forever. I'm not rough on my gear. Interestingly enough, it's not that great with an AC adaptor. I had one plugged in and when the unit was off it was fine with no noise, but when I turned it on, this thing went spinal tap on me and the next thing I knew I was listening to the radio through my amp. The pedal doesn't eat batteries, though, so it's not that big of a deal, but the radio thing costs it a few points.

General Comments

I play rock, mostly jam band kind of stuff, but occassional play some heavier music. I enjoy playing Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin songs and anything with a good groove.

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