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Sound Quality

This unit doesn't sound very good, but I love the sounds for their nastiness. There is no bypass, the volume is dropped significantly, the octaves have trouble tracking, which causes jumps (not much worse than the BOSS OC-2). As with most actavers, you can only play one note at a time. I run it in the effects loop of a Professional Music Products Super Buffer Amp, which gives me bypass, as well as a gain booster to compensate for the drop in volume. When I run it through distortion/overdrive, the volume loss is not apparent. I have found it tracks best with thinner sounding pickups, and the tone is clearer also.


It must be near 40 years old, and still works, but I've never seen another one, and I've searched the internet. I haven't had any troubles, I would trust it.

General Comments

I do not know what the designer intended this for, but I get the impression is was made for clarinet. I got it in a leather zipper pouch, with parts of a terrible-sounding King Vox microphone. It sounds very cool with distortion, good for thickening up the sound. It was given to me as junk, but I have been enjoying it ever since.


If anyone knows anything about this unit, please e-mail me.

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