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Sound Quality

I'm using a Carvin VT50 head & Carvin 4X10" tweed cab,cheap Rogue PA & have used the headphone jack off the back, so the unit is stand alone! I play PRS & Carvin guitars mostly. All tone from this unit is clear & all the effects are amazing! I specifically like the Jazz & Blues factory presets but the distortions & modulation effects are GREAT as well! This thing help me get tones like Wes Montgomry,Sanatana,Metallica,SRV,Eddie Van Halen & so many more GREAT artists!


Metal case,quality switches & Great tone! I'd gig w/ it w/o a backup w/ no fear!!!

General Comments

I Play Jazz Blues & Rock & this is a great effects board! I just bought another off Ebay for $37 so I'll have a spare.

I have owned a ToneWorks Ax1500,Zoom 505,many single pedals & the digitech gear is all I'll ever need!

I choose this Pedal because I have tried the Digitech RP2000,RP-7 & RP-21 that my buddies had & this older unit is just as good,super inexpesive & does all I need to do & more,so I couldn't see spending $399 or $499 for the Gnx series gear but I'm sure it's great also!

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