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Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

I like the sound really much, the only thing I don't like is the low output, it's much more quiet than my strat, so i use my VS R66 comp for compensating this. I play it on a fender blues deluxe and together they sound really sweet, en with the drive of the mp realy nice old school rocky. sometimes i add my VS H20 (aka my bathtub) for some slap back echo. But overall really a nice sweet clean sound or nice bright twangy sound, or old rock.


I've bought a case with it and used it with gigs and rehearsels and ad home and it's good, only watchout for feedback when you play at some higher volumes, it's a hollowbody!!!


General Comments

it became my main guitar!!! what else to say, i love it! only the brigde was a dillike to don;t give it straight 10's!

Reviewer's Background

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