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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I use this with a tele style guitar and man does it sound sweet. Clean up to about 1:00 and then the smoothest tube distortion to heavy blues. They got it right this time. I had the Valve J Combo and the hum made me sell it alot cheaper than what I bought it for! I thought great sound but what the shit! Well I read the reviews and said I'm gonna take another chance because I loved the sound. Man I had to put my ears up to the cab to hear if it was on. The only sound is that coming from the tubes all the way cranked up! I'm sure you can change tubes and get it even quiter. It's a great blues amp and a nice rock and roll machine. I tried it with a 16 ohm speaker in the 8 ohm output and a 8 ohm speaker in the 4 ohm output. seperated the 2 cabs and was in Hog Heaven! That reviewer had it right!


It's well built and the cab is very impressive. Man I have to get another to keep in closest before everybody buys them up! Love to try them in stereo.The inside of this amp is very well put together.

General Comments

Been playing for 20 years and if it was stolen I would buy another one. It loves pedals! I put a Tri AC in front of it and man you can get any sound you want. But by itself it sounds Awesome!

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