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Sound Quality

iam using this with a IBANEZ RG 321 and it is great uk 80,s is the marshall tone i have been longing for since my marshall avt150 was stolen but this amp is much better and a lot cheaper and thats sayin something since i was brought up on marshall amps!!!!


dont now yet as only had it since friday 8th april,Anyone that winges about the fan must be on acid sure it vibrates on start up slightley but goes quit straight away,its no louder than marshal avt150,people stop winging and get rocking like maiden.CANT RATE THIS AS ONLY HAD COUPLE OF DAYS

General Comments

Only been playin about 6 months but like i said earlier wish this amp had been out 6 months ago and i would have saved loads of cash and still had a belting classic marshall sound which everybody wants but not everyone can afford(stacks that is all valve not mg series they suck!!)if it was lost or stolen i would cry and annilate the people responsible for it and get another one I also have the VOX BRIAN MAY SPECIAL ,used to have line 6 pod v2 but got rid of it as this amp has everything i need so part exchanged it for the brian may amp,Line 6 salesman tried to compare his spider2 amp next to this one but he failed (i tried not to laugh at him)silly bloody man!!!

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