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Sound Quality

this amp is very versatile. it responds well to my ds-1 pedal and my crybaby wah. it sounds good with a dirty humbucker or p-90 but loves strats. you can really hear that fender sparkle which i love. the amp stays clean up to about 10 o'clock, at 12 it starts to get dirty with that natural tube overdrive that roars and sounds great. i can't speak beyond that as i haven't pushed it further since i live in a residential neigborhood. but i imagine that it could sound good at higher levels also.


i've had the amp for almost half a year, bought it used, and have never had a single problem with it.

General Comments

been playing for about 4 years. it this were lost or stolen the only other amp i'd consider buying would be a fender twin reverb, but since i'm not rich i'd probably buy this setup again and just use an external reverb. when buying this i considered small marshalls, vox valvetronix but settled on this one from reading reviews and trying the other amps mentioned. this baby is definately a steal at this price. the only upgrade i'd consider is changing the tubes, but only after they've burnt out because i like the sound coming out right now.

here's a tip if you try this amp, crank it up because it sounds divine when naturaly overdriven

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