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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

The online DigiTech Bad Monkey sound clips are quite accurate. For testing, I used one of my own Strats (loaded with Rio Grande Tallboys) plugged into a '66 Champ w/Weber 8A125, a custom Penn 40w 6V6 amp and Fane 12", a custom Winfield "Harvard" (twin EL84's) w/Weber 15F150T. Signal path was guitar-->Bad Monkey-->amp. Smooooth overdriven tube tone, no fizzy square wave "after taste", no radical loss of guitar tone, a very good range of boost from very subtle to a nicely saturated power tube-like tone. A very quiet OD pedal. Choice of pickup and picking techniques gave a wide range of tones, all very nice. Two thumbs up, a keeper.


Built like a heavy Sherman tank, this pedal will be around for the long haul, I'd expect.

General Comments

A very nice pedal to add "hair" to most amy music genre short of metal et al. I've had lots of OD pedals over the decades, most of the boutique variety, the Bad Monkey is just fine for the tones it provides and better still for the low purchase price. This pedal does what it sez it'll do, and what it's s'posed to do: fatten up the tone, add some varied measure of grit, be transparent enough to let notes in chords ring out.

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