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Sound Quality

Souns are great. Even though it is digital, the echos are actually nice! Not too mushy, but not crystal clear either. The pitch shifting can get cheesy if you have the settings bad, but overall the chorus/flang effects are really really good! The controlability is what does it, actually being able to control Regen on a chorus is really nice! Since this is a dual pedal, you can save an infinit repeat, but be warned that only delay will sound useable in this way, the pitch shifts take on a bubbley treble-synth tone...but why would you infinite repeat a flange anyway? It is cool to save a flange infinitly and change the delay times to get a nice weird sound going, though!


Giged with it many times without a backup. The footswitch pedals work great, and most everything else is metal. No problems here!

General Comments

This is a great delay. I got it used, but it was still in the box with manual! It can be intimedating with the extra nobs, but you just need to use it conservativly and it will be fine! I had one before and I always was using weird sound and eventualy sold it because I wanted a plain delay, but I realized my error and got ths one and I am very happy! This pedal can make Electro Harmonix Deluxe memory man sounds as well as 16 second delay noises, so it is great (especially since both of those are high to ultra high expensive!) and I am glad I have one.

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