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Sound Quality

This is "KING WACKY OF ALL PEDALS THAT WORK OFF OF DELAY VARIABLES". It just rocks! It sounds great and the effects go from pop 40 normal to Sonic madness! Yippie! The repaet function just makes thi spedal even better since it will do loops of pitch shifting if you can set it right... This is a fun pedal that I think is the best delay around!


It looks great, don't see why there will be any problems.

General Comments

Although it can be difficult to get the settings to work together correctly, it is a blast. I had one before and I sold it (stupid me), but this one was in box with manual and the $100 was well worth it...I can get Memory Man sounds from this box and the echos are just that, very non-squeaky (for a digital, that is). Just a great pedal!

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