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Sound Quality

I play experimental (Sonic Youth-ish) tunes...sounds great. I play: guitars - Arion Stage Tuner - ElectroHarmonix Bad Stone (2 nob version) phaser (also some psuedo-ring modulation sounds) - DOD FX51 Juice Box (booster)- 3MS aToner (custom built for me, wacky pedal) - MXR Phase90 - ElectroHarmonix Big Muff (reissue) - Digitech PDS 20/20 MultiPlay - Ampeg 12R Reverberocket amp. Fits in great, Thurston Moore (and possibly other memebers) of Sonic Youth use this pedal...can get their sounds and more, so it works great!


Seems fine, I have the other phaser if necessary...but I doubt the MXR will fail me.

General Comments

Good phaser, I had many phasers, and this one is a great workhorse! Nicde an small as well, since this pedal sounds similar to a Small Stone, the size actually was a factor (I used to own a Small Stone, great pedal as well, I just got a trade offer for this pedal first).

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