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Sound Quality

This guitar is tuned into a alternate tuning, one similar to that used by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth on songs like Candle and Silver Rocket. Sounds goos in this tunning, does better with extra string tension than less tension, proably because of the old tuners. I use a great deal of effects with it to create experimental to punkish sounds: guitars-Arion Stage tuner-DOD Juice box (booster)-ElectroHarmonix 2 nob Bad Stone- MXR Phase 90-ElecroHarmonix Big Muff (reissue)- Digitech PDS20/20 Multiplay (delay and delay-typed effects)-into a Ampeg Reverberocket 12R 1x12 combo tube amp. Sounds good, I like the guitars with 2 pickups and tremolos that have string to pluck behind the bridge to make extra noise. So it sounds good, but lower than normal output on pickups (again probably because of the age).


This guitar has engured approx. 30 years, and it just looks like a tough slab of guitar. Seems like it will last.

General Comments

Great guitar for the money, vintage guitars are fun. I might possibly sell this one if it is a collector's item, but now it is getting good use! Nice and solid! Feel free to email me about my gear...

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