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Sound Quality

OK, I got this a LONG time ago, and I sold my Ross Compressor because of this thing. I am not kidding, check my User Profile under the Classifieds! Many moons ago I gave up the because frankly this pedal is better! My main use for this pedal is recording everything from drums to vocals to thermins! I have never had a pedal make my mixes soudn as good as this pedal does, it really is quiet amazing that DOD was the company that made it! It worked fine recording into my Yamaha MT100 and now in ACID PRO 2.0.


Still good! Only 3 chips in teh paint from dropping things on it while on my recording desk, otherwise it has help up very well!

General Comments

Ok, what else is there to say? The DOD Bass pedals were actually very good for multiple applications...the Bass Grunge is great on a single coil pickup guitar! If you can snag one, I would definitly go for it. I actually have 2 of these, but I think I might sell one since I only need the one for computer recording...so if your intersted, email me...but I might just hang on to it, imagine, a DOD collectable!!!

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