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Sound Quality

The fuzz is more of a fuzzed distortion. No insane buzzy sound, but can crackle with the Gate control set high. Very defined and controlable. Most likely done because the feedback freaky and awesome enough! Very theremine-like, all conrolled by the guitar's knobs and switches. [This pedal needs to be first in line because of this]. When I am using delay and reverb with my DeArmond Jet Star, I can get most of Johnny's "National Anthem" tones (Radiohead). As a stand alone fuzz... it is nice. Big Muff to raspy. A Great addition. However, because of all the controls, it might be hard to keep it at a good "dirt box" setting rather than experiment :)


Made of metal, looks great.

General Comments

This is a GREAT pedal. I searched for a long time before I could try one out. I eventually got my wish... and I got 2 !!! I don't think I will keep the second one, as my pedal board has no more room on it. But I will not sell MY pedal. It is great, fun thermine sounds and crazy sputter fuzz! I am happy I got a hold of one. The battery that came with it wa sdead on arrival, so that is a bummer, but popped in a fresh one, and it sounds great! No buyer remorse.

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