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Sound Quality

The sound of this pedal really SUCKS, it´s bassy, muddy, I couldn´t get any good sound from this pedal. I used it 3 or 4 months, with my band and in home practicing. No way, it doesn´t have good volume to boost an amp, the tone control sucks, and drive from 1 to 4 it´s very muddy, from 4 to 5 it´s very fuzzy. Maybe it works for some grunge style, not for what i was looking for, a bluesy rock sound, i bought it for it´s name, and it has no "classic tube" tone. I was looking for something different of a tube screamer, because everybody got it, but this pedal wasn´t what i expected. I don´t give it a 1 because it´s unexpensive. I play with an american std. strat trough a marshall valvestate vs-100, fender deluxe ´90 and fender super ´60. Doesn´t work with nothing.


Never a problem.

General Comments

I play blues rock and 50´s rock and boogie with the band. At home, I play some hard rock deep purple. The classic tube didn´t match with my style. I can only compare it with the tube screamer, the bluesbreaker and the boos OV, any of them eats the DOD. If stolen, I´ll be happy.

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