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Sound Quality

I tested this using a Fender USA strat (with hot rails pickup), through a Laney TT100 valve head and Mesa 2 x 12 cab. Oh dear! I have to say I was massively disappointed with the Spin Doctor product on this score. TREBLE, TREBLE & MORE TREBLE!! Some other reviews here seem to suggest the 'treble' problem was recified on later models. Well I bought this unit in January 2010 (new) and mine model was horrendous. It's not too bad on moderate overdriven sounds but when you crank up the gain the treble that comes with it is awful. Had to wind the treble control and presence right off and it still not great - even at low volume. That aside the are some okay sounds here - though nothing inpirational. Doesn;t compare for valve overdrive tones to my Blackstar HT dual. I would definately say "try before you buy" or else you may end up returning the unit -as I've have now done!


Didn't keep it long enough to find out. Build quality seems excellent though.

General Comments

I had done a fair amount of research before I took the plunge and ordered this unit - and ended up being extremly diaappointed (sound wise at least). It just goes to show that in the world of mail order/internet shopping we now live in you still can't beat the motto of "try before you buy". Fortunately I was had a 30 day money back guarantee!

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