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Sound Quality

I am using this with a single Mightymite humbucker pickup Tanglewood Trig through a crappy old Peavy practice amp, but hey this thinr absolutely screams through them. Once you have sorted the noise reduction and master volume setting, i got some really tasty sounds out of the unit. You have to put some effort into fine tuning, particularly with the amp setting, but it really blossoms when you spend a little time with it- mellow tones on the acoustic simulator and some nasty fuzz and distortion, not to mention a versastile effects pedal and pretty good autowah.


Top unit, all metal, very reliable, am using it next week and am confident not to need backup.

General Comments

As a beginner, this unit had everything I wanted and more. I dont think you can beat it for the price- I was contemplating a Zoom 707 but for the extra pounds you get a hell of a lot more. I still havent really begun to use this baby to it's full potential with the phase trainer options etc, but for my soft rock style and home recrding, this unit is perfect- Highly recomendable.

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