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Sound Quality

. This is a great guitar, I play it thru my silvertones, supros, marshalls, wizards, fenders, hiwatts, gretches and it sounds great thru them all, of course each amp sounds a bit different and I favor this axe thru my supros and silvertones for that vintage punch. Great sounding single coil pickups,very focused even at higher distortion levels.


I have just gotten the guitar so I can only assume, but it is very solid and seems as if it would travel as well as any guitar, and I am sure better than many!


General Comments

I have been playin guitar since I was 5, so 40 some years. Toured the world a few times, Metal, Rockabilly and all in between , now I play all styles since I mostly compose for film and TV. I have over 175 guitars, Gibsons, Fenders, Danelectros,Supros, Epiphones, Guilds, Chandlers, Framus and I would put this guitar up against any of my 2000 or 3000 dollar jobs any day. I have a cheaper danos, and supros and like the woody, lo fi sound they get, and I was surprised that this Airline by Eastwood gets those lo fi sounds, but also gets the super high end sounds of my prized over priced axes as well, and unlike my cheaper guitars,. this axe plays like a million buck, a very inspiring guitar, that looks as great in my hands as it does perched up on the wall waiting for me to grab it and create a new riff!! Great Job Mike!!

Reviewer's Background

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