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Sound Quality

i use the with a epiphone sg.. mainly for my home recordings, so its goes straight into my a/d interface. i love it for the cab simulation. i like the reverb, and the compressor is half decent. the only fx i dislike are the flang and distortion so i added in my boss metal zone, but am curently looking for a better distortion stomp box, i have my eye set on a big muff. but with the boss metal zone in place of its own distortion the thing makes for great home recordings, its pretty warm sounding and the eq is very useful for final touch ups... and above all i think the best feature that helped out was the silencer, if your gonna run a noise pedle like a metal zone through it you are gonna need to use the silencer.


its prety solid,i've droped things on it and spilled drinks on it, and its still going strong. i wouldnt take this live without other pedle to back me up or a spare power supplie, the one it comes with is kinda weak and look like it could snap easy, i havent put that to test yet, but thats how it looks.

General Comments

i play industrial rock music, i have been playing for7 or 8 years now.


this is by far the best multi fx unit i have, it totaly replaced my beheringer v-amp2. and works well my my crybaby wah and my metal zone.


i wanted something that had pedles on it for easy switching, and this offers it, aswell and great sounds and above all i love the cab simulation and reverb.


its made recording a breeze, with the onbaord silencer and compressor i barly have to do anything to my tracks one its recorded, i do however perfer to eq after i record instead of useing the eq's on the unit although i do find them good.


i've used a POD, a V-amp2, and an old zoom multi fx. after this one i quit looking and stuck with this one, it works best with other pedles and can stand alone well too. if this ever breaks i will deffinatly look into another one, or try out another one of the digitech units if i cant find it.


its just to bad the flanger and distortion are so weak.


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